Allow me to begin by declaring I am by no way or means a designer, aspiring designer, consultant, or have anything to do with fabulous things.  In fact, I am a Registered Nurse.

Therefore, please take all that I say lightly.  I feel like my taste constantly changes.  As of now I love the Shabby Chic look, however am not a fan to the point where it begins to creep me out (all the empty bird cages, peeling off paint on EVERY furniture piece, cracked mirrors), I love modern mixed with traditional as well. Due to this fact, I decided to follow in the footsteps of many of my friends and create a blog to organize my likes and dislikes in order to hope that one day my style comes together. Here it goes.

First off I wanted to share a couple of house accessories that I love.

Flower Candle Holders

These are so delicate looking from  I think they are a great alternative to regular square/round candle sconces.

Flower Vases

Porcelain Flower Vases to go along with the candle holders.

Glass Bird Houses

Once again an item from these bird houses are an elegant alternative to the standard wooden bird feeders.  The only problem I could foresee with these would be keeping them clean.  Wouldn’t want smudge marks on the clear glass 🙂

Last item of today…

Wine Rack from Crate and Barell

This wine rack is completely simple, but I see it looking simple and chic in a kitchen or living room.  Always a fan of wine myself I would definitely recommend a fabulous wine rack.

So there you are, simple yet elegant. More to come soon.

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