I live for coffee.  When I wake up in the morning it is the first thing I crave.  I studied abroad in Italy for several months and every morning was lucky enough to be greeted with a wonderful cappuccino.  Although a regular “cup of joe” works for me, one thing I always love to collect are different coffee mugs.  I will post some that I like and then later hopefully put some that I actually own on here.  Just for fun (for me at least).

Cappuccino Mug from Potterybarn

This literally looks almost exactly what I received every morning in Italy.  Only difference is Karmel, the staff member, always made the foam/cinnamon on top look like a heart.  Therefore, I love the look of this simple white cappuccino mug.

A little tacky, but I don't care...Pier1

In the animal theme, way too fun Pier 1

Classic Colors

Comes with its own little spoon-Pier1

The Practical Mug: Bodum Bistro Double Wall Thermal Mug

Just Love

Great White Coffee Condiment Set- Potterbarn

Whats Coffee without cream and sugar? Emma Sugar and creamer bowls pottery barn

Now I stumbled across these Lilly Pulitzer Mugs that I couldn’t resist posting. I am not the biggest Lilly Pulitzer fan, but these are cute.

Lilly Pulitzer Mug

Lilly Pulitzer Mug

Lilly Pulitzer "Latte Da!" Mug

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