Red Room Red Room

Decorating with red:

I have never personally decorated with red (unless you count my red Kureg one cup coffee maker) but I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of decorating with it.  If you’ve never decorated with red it is important to start small with accents like a bowl of red apples:

Starting small is always important with decorating.  Another good idea to start with red would be putting an edgy red lamp next to a more earthy toned sofa.  I am not a huge fan of red walls, something gory and horrific about them, but I have seen it give certain rooms a different feel that I find myself attracted to.  Always proceed with caution when decorating with red.

red accent wall

Red Accented Room

Red Accented Bedroom

I love the lightly accented pillows in this picture

While I studied abroad in Italy, I had the pleasure of visiting a Boscolo Hotel in Rome that basically means “Heaven and Hell”

The idea is both inspiring and incredibly creepy.  Basically you walk into the lobby and everything is red tinted, red colored, RED RED RED.  Basically the lobby signifies Hell.  As you ascend up to the rooms the hotel reverses to the Heaven side.  Truly an edgy, new idea.  Here are some pictures from this hotel:

Hotel Aleph Roma

Hotel Hell

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