Great Weekend

This was a wonderful weekend filled with good friends, football and food. The 3 F’s. Friday night unfortunately started out with me working at the hospital.  The night went ridiculously sllooowwww. BUT as soon as it was over it was time to party.  I went straight home from work and slept a whopping 2 hours.  Then off to campus to tailgate.  Shaun had left about the time I got home to set up the tailgate.  After downing a RedBull I was ready to go.  Heres our tailgate setup and Shaun flaunting his stuff:

After tailgating Shaun and I headed to the game where we had great seats.  I was sad to miss the Auburn game, but it was fun.  Both Auburn and UT won so yay!

Sunday we had a pool day with friends and then off to Boomsday to watch the fireworks and celebrate our friend Louis’s 30th Bday.  It was a great night.  This morning Shaun and I grabbed lunch and plan to make a Black and Bleu salad for tonight. yummmm.  Lazy monday recovering.  More posts to come!

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