Party Planning

It is getting that time a year- party time! With football season ahead, halloween, thanksgiving then christmas there are multiple opportunities to host parties!  Unfortunately I don’t own a house, I rent an apartment so my parties tend to be small and intimate, but I love to do it.  Nothings better than invitations as well!  Here’s a small party checklist:

Decide on a theme

Send invitations

Plan the menu

Clean the house thoroughly

Come up with a playlist (of course!) nothing like great music to set the mood

Stock the bar


Buy and arrange flowers (I personally love fresh flowers always around)

And wait for your guests to arrive!

Here are some Hors d’Oeuvres that look and sound DELICIOUS!

Mini Grilled Cheese with a dollop of fruit chutney

Mango Shrip in Endive Leaves find at

A party food/beverage calculator- perfect!

Lime Sorbet Slushy

Cucumber Saketini: 3 ounces gin; 1/2 ounce sake; 5 thin slices of cucumber

Hmmm Pear Mimosas!!

What’s party planning without yummy cocktails??  more to come…

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