So here I am wide awake at 3:40am.  One of the many pleasures of working night shift, not being able to sleep at night.  So I wanted to comment on how proud I am of myself becoming a little domestic girl.  I have always had Martha Stewart-like friends and I personally have always fell by comparison, however lately I have prevailed.  Not ONLY did I place a cute pumpkin decor on my front door, but today when going to the grocery day store I made my own little cutie flower display (pictured below)- not to mention I feel totally grown up with my wine decanter :).  I have been cooking a lot lately and due to the 50 degree weather outside I made homemade chicken noodle soup, a wedge salad with bleu cheese crumples and fresh bacon, and my friend Boone’s special brownies which consist of a Hershey’s Symphany bar in between (so yummy). A small defeat for others, but a big step for me.  Now I want to tackle Christmas and Halloween arts and crafts! Or is this too ambitious of me???

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