Grocery List

Clearly this has nothing to do with decorating, but since I am NOT a designer or decorator from time to time I thought I would share random tidbits to anyone who cares or is perhaps just bored.  I got this amazing grocery list (a long one!!) from one of my friends from work.  Her personal trainer sent it to her and I have found it extremely helpful in my venture to by healthy.  So enjoy!

Produce (all fresh, no frozen or canned):

Field greens (for salads – there are no nutrients in iceberg lettuce)
Red onions
Baby carrots
Green peppers

(all of these can be used in salads and in cooking! For dressing get a good quality vinaigrette – anything with balsamic is an excellent choice – also olive oil and lemon together is great on salads and very good for you too)


Strawberries (higher source of vitamin C than oranges)

(these can all be used in smoothies or as snacks – you can also mix them into vanilla yogurt for desserts)


Brown free-range vegetarian fed eggs – taste better and much better for you. We want a HARD shell on our eggs. The quality of the shell tells you a lot about the quality of what is contained inside)
Yogurt (vanilla/plain) make sure it is the kind with live cultures. I buy a bin of plain instead of the individuals.

Soy products:

I believe in limiting dairy quite a bit and using soy as a good protein source and as dairy substitutes
Soy cheese
Seitan (awesome fake meat and good source of protein)
Soy milk

Whole wheat breads (bagels, sandwich bread, english muffins, tortillas)
Whole grain waffles (sugar free syrup)
whole grain/whole wheat pasta (Newman’s Own is a great pasta sauce, very inexpensive too. My favorite kind is the sockarooni)
Basic 4/whole grain cheerios/special k
brown rice/couscous/rice pilaf

Meats/other Proteins:
Chicken breasts (free range if you can, no hormones in the meat)
Turkey products for any kinds of burgers/hot dogs/ground meat (or you can do black bean/mushroom burgers or veggie dogs as a vegetarian alternative)
Smucker’s Natural peanut butter
black beans

Natural fruit preserves (for jelly)
Stevia based sweetener (I use Truvia)
garden fresh salsa
good quality olive oil for cooking, salads, etc
Smart balance made with olive oil as butter/margarine replacement
green tea (great anti-oxidant)

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