My Christmas Wishlist

So this wish list is very random and not that glamourous but here goes:

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Introducing the Woozie- The Wine/Coozie! Perfect for chilled white wines!

The woozie

Yes I bought one…don’t judge.

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Hospital Giftshop

This may sound strange, but the UT-Medical Center gift shop is very cute.  Not just cute for a hospital gift shop, but cute for any type of gift shop.  Right now they have the most festive gorgeous Christmas window display.  I want to take everything home with me.  One of the suppliers in the gift shop is from a company called Mud-Pie.  Only retailers can buy from the actual website: but its adorable especially for baby/holiday items.

Here are some coozies I got from the giftshop that I could not refuse:

So cute!

Here are some more items from Mud-Pie:

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Been a While…

I don’t think many people read my blog, but I have noticed I have gotten extremely slack.  I am going to try to do better.  News of the week is that I got into Graduate School!!  I will be getting my MSN (Master’s of Science in Nursing) along with my Family Nurse Practitioner.  It is extremely exciting and extremely scary.  The program (minus clinicals of course) is all online which makes me nervous not having the classroom support.  But a girl I work with did the program and did fantastic! So we shall see!   Wish me luck!!

This past weekend my friends and I had a long football day at Shane’s house.  I made two dips (yes I did!) the Skinny Dip that is all the rave amongst my BFF’s and a BLT dip.  Both successes.  We watched Tennessee win, woohoo and Auburn win a BIG woohoo! It was a good time off from work (7 days to be exact without using vacay one of the perks of nursing).

Back to work tonight! Hope everyone has a fabulous week!


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Cute Way for Storage


Bungalow from Scout:

Yes a lot of this stuff reminds me of soccer mom or freshman college girls, but it could be cute nonetheless.  So thought I would feature it:

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Your Daily Idea Palette


Purple/ brown

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A Weekend at the Races

This weekend my parents, boyfriend, his parents and another couple friends of ours went to Keeneland Horse Race in Lexington, KY.  It was SUCH a great time.  I love the atmosphere at these events. People in big hats, drinks and food gallor!  I started my day with a tasty bloody mary made only with what else? Grey Goose.  Quite a great way to start my day.  Unfortunately, I didn’t win any money despite my many bets.  It was a great weekend had by all!



Dinner at Malone's with THE BEST steak

The Penguin to watch the Auburn game and listen to music (a fun Piano bar)

Lexington, KY

After a long day of drinking, betting, eating, watching football (War Eagle), and watching the dual piano bar in downtown Lexington we were exhausted and drug our sleepy, happy butts home to bed.  That was my Halloween weekend 🙂 Despite not dressing up it was one for the books.

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